motor cover drawing die,sheet metal drawing progressive die

We have more than 10 years of experience for drawing progressive die, stretch drawing die, transfer Dies andy other stamping die. Products include  motor cover,  electromotor stator,  electromotor rotor, automotive parts, furniture parts and so on.
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Stamping Progressive Die: Stamping Progressive Die

Zhaoyue Mold Machinery Limited has more than 15 years of experience in progressive draw die, stretch drawing die, transfer Dies and other stamping dies. Products include motor cover, electromotor stator, electromotor rotor, automotive parts, furniture parts and other related industrial parts.

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fan motor cover Washing Machine motor cover motor cover
kitchen ventilator motor cover outer rotor motor cover

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Successful deep drawing depends on many factors. Ignoring even one of them during die design & making can prove disastrous. However, regardless of the many factors involved, the most important factor to a successful deep drawing operation is initiating metal flow. The following are key factors affecting metal flow, and each of them should be considered when designing, building, or trouble-shooting deep drawing stamping dies.

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motor cover stamping die Making Advantages:   

1. We have been engaged in stamping die field for more than 20 years and have much experiences in manufacturing stamping    die,Stamping Progressive Die,precision parts mould,etc.

2. We are marketing-leader in mold industry in China.

3. Reasonable collocation in moulds helps you to save cost.

4. Mould design is decided by customer's requests,such as cycle time, employee quantity, mould machine specification, PDSOFT PID.etc.

5. Mould making process can be tracked according to the schedule.

6. We are always searching technical communication with our customers. The purpose is to prevent misunderstanding and modification after moulds are completed.

7. We can supply you the schedule statement, inspection statement, warranty of each set of  mould and the video of the mould.

8. We will reply your inquiry within 24 hours.

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