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Zhaoyue Mold Machinery Limited offers precision CNC machining for various industries, offers CNC processing of various parts on bulk. We has continued to invest in the latest CNC turning part manufacturing machines including 5-axis machining and design technology to provide each client with accurate Parts that have superior performance in production.Our integrated systems and state of the art machine allow us to provide turnkey custom design and manufacturing for each client.
Also, our CNC machine Service Team is committed to meet all of your tight tolerance machining needs. Our customers know their finished product will meet or exceed their expectations.   

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Rapid CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that works best for prototyping, form and fit testing, jigs and fixtures, and functional components for end-use applications. Parts are manufactured through high-speed milling and turning processes from more than 30 different engineering-grade plastic and metal materials.

Turning parts

Milling parts for metal

1.Customers are responsible for ensuring that the properties and performance of the material picked meet the requirements of their application.
2.Tolerances of +/- 0.005inch (0.13mm) are expected and generally achieved.
3.The estimated manufacturing time is the best estimate available at the time of quote for the part. Actual manufacturing times are dependent on part complexity, the number of part numbers being ordered, quantity,    material availability, workload at the time the order is placed and other factors. Reasonable efforts will be made to deliver within or as close to estimated manufacturing times as possible; however there is no  assurance that any estimated manufacturing time will be met.
4.Secondary operations are not supported at this time. Threads that cannot be produced with the Proto Labs CNC machining process may not be highlighted correctly in the as-machined view due to the inconsistent methods by  which they are represented in CAD models. Regardless of what is displayed in the as-machined view, threads will not be present in the finished part unless explicitly displayed in the Thread Assignment section of the  ProtoQuote along with a corresponding thread type selection in the table. Please note there are limitations on the depths of threaded features and that in those instances where threads are cut from both sides of a given  feature, the threads will not meet seamlessly. Thread selections will be listed in your order confirmation and should be reviewed for accuracy.

We are professional factory in the CNC processing of various parts on bulk. You just need to send the 2D or 3D drawing or samples of your needed products to our company with detailed requirement about the products, then we will have special person to deal with your inquiry.
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